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The Door to Happiness Series

Find Out How Life Boost Will Make a Happy Person!

A “boost” for our day-to-day life is no different from the immune booster or vaccine we take. We need it, badly. Boost will keep our “life immunity” strong so that whatever life throws at us we are sure that as we “wriggle out” from challenges, we can take it.

Welcome to the last part of the Door to Happiness Series. As a recap, the four-part series are:

  1. We Must Be Happy that talk about our right at happiness.
  2. Face the Big Bad Wolf that tackle on facing our fears that may hinder our chance at happiness.
  3. Wriggle Out that encourages us to leave unwanted emotions such as anger and be forgiving instead.
  4. Power Boost! It is our life immunity booster to keep us “well”.

Why do we need a boost?

As soon as we start living “life”, we expose ourselves to many difficulties or stressors. These difficulties affect our happiness (a.k.a. emotional health) which as a result affect our body (a.k.a. physical health). While we may have received vitamins and minerals from our parents (a.k.a. love and life lessons), we need to be recharged from time to time to refill our deposits of “nutrients”. Hence, we need "life boosters" to power up ourselves just like how we need immunity boosters.

What can be our life’s booster?

My list includes seven (7) boosters such as Positive Thinking, Support Group, Keep stress at bay, Retreat, Balance Lifestyle, Laugh often and F.P.A. These are my life boosters. Promise me though, if yours is not in one of these, please share it with us in the comments section below. Let’s support and encourage each other! 

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Think Positive. Years back, I posted something about personality development through positive thinking. I found in a local bookstore a book written by Dr. Amit Abraham (India) with the same title and shared it in this blog. I still remember the SAAD principle that Dr. Abraham thought: when we speak, it must be simple, active, affirmative and directive. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking. If “you are what you eat” becomes true, it is the same with “how you think is what you become.” I was a negative thinker before. I whine before I do things. As expected, either I do it half-heartedly half-made or I ruin it entirely. Whichever the case, if you have seen me before, you would have probably said, “you could have done it better!” That was my case before. Although this bad habit will make itself reacquainted sometimes, it's important I learned to counter it and think positively. 

Join a support group. In psychotherapy, support group can make positive change on members, says American Psychological Association (APA). In our day-to-day life as singles, we also need support group. We could join a religious group to help us grow spiritually, or join a group that caters to single persons like Singles for Christ (for Christians), or an online community where members are actively sharing tips on similar interest and encourages one another. Of course, no one can beat our best friends and family. They could readily help us combat loneliness or achieve happiness in our single state.

Keep stress at bay. Stress makes us susceptible to pain. From minor effect such as a sweaty palm, diarrhea or constipation to a deadly heart attack, stress can have many effects on the body according to psychologists. Relaxation and breathing exercises can help, APA suggested. Thankfully, our psychologist at work helped us with this exercise and it was soothing. If you want to try, you can find relaxation music to go with this activity on YouTube or at RelaxDaily.

Retreat. Occasionally, going on a spiritual retreat helps. In a retreat, we stop what we do and reflect on what we have done so far. We revisit ourselves and in there we learn tools to identify our mistake and the progress we made. It strengthens our spiritual life. Usually, its effect extends to the physical body.

Balance lifestyle. All work no play? Sometimes, we have to stretch our bones from its deep slumber! I am not active on sports per se like volleyball, tennis etc… Although, when I was still a kid I used to play street games and they are physical games. Now that I am an adult, the closest I could get into sports is to play indoor games. It’s less vigorous because it only needs a little run or a short race but it is still “play”. I also tried playing with sea waves for the first time. The waves, which were taller than I was, would wash me back to the shore. I felt recharged after it’s so refreshing! Work hard, eat well and play like a kid.

Laugh often. While researchers are not yet certain if laughing itself have something to do with wellness, its effect to the body is similar to a mild exercise, according to WebMD. That’s a free and a beauty workout rolled into one! You do not just get to exercise; you also get to look better. Say, smiling people are beautiful people. As one of my co-workers put it, “smile brightens the whole room.”

Laugh. Love. Live. Image courtesy of geralt at Pixabay.com

F.P.A. This stands for fasting, praying, almsgiving. This is a form of spiritual discipline, which is present mostly among known religions. Fasting is not just all about skipping a meal at a certain day or period. Fasting is also abstaining or cutting altogether on unhealthy food, bad habit/s or foul language. Fasting is believed to help cure the root of sins – greed. While praying and almsgiving are mostly “spiritual exercise”, it does have an effect on our social life. If my experience will count, prayer helps me remain calm. Almsgiving on the other hand, helps me exercise the virtue of charity (concern for others). Additionally, almsgiving can be “in cash or in kind.” If you volunteer in a relief operation during disaster, you hit two birds with one stone: one is physical exercise and second is almsgiving. Just don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, if you know what I mean.

To sum it up, in order for us to be truly happy, we need to eat healthy, play as a child would, pray often, laugh hard, think positive, share your blessing, love and be a friend!

What's your booster?



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