Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Let us take a break from our Door to Happiness Series. Do not get distracted, though. The third part of the series is brewing. 

There's the traditional way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Popularly, couples celebrate this non-liturgical event over a candlelight dinner at a restaurant, the table set elegantly with musicians to serenade them as they dine, and a perfect wine to match the sumptuous meal. There would be flowers - red roses mostly - that adorn the place. After dinner, when they go home, petals (hopefully not the one from the restaurant) greet them as they enter their bedroom, from the door to the bed forming the heart shape. We know what happens next… 

Then, there is the non-traditional way to remember this day. It would need a little openness on a single person's perspective because this is uncommon. However, you may find it to be rewarding.

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We have ten (10) suggestions here to help us celebrate the love month in an equally meaningful way. Since we ought to use our state of singleness in a worthy endeavour, these, hopefully, would help us through it and achieve our goal towards single-blessedness. These are in no particular order, though.

1. Invite your friends over. Go out with them, or watch a movie you've been dying to watch together. We are usually caught up in our work with our toxic schedule so catching up with our friends would recharge our soul and body. My best friends are many, many miles away and I couldn't be with them whenever I call them. They need to consider many things such as work, husband, children, schedule and money. The good thing is that at least we meet up once a year. This Valentine's Day, I'm going to spend it with my mother, my sisters, and now my nephew included. If my sister-in-law is not busy, we should drag her, too!

2. Spend your time in a worthy cause or charity. February 14 this year is Sunday, so you might have some religious obligation or mission. Join! It is love month, and this is one way to spread love.

3. Do the thing that you wanted to do for a long time. Of course, we should do it within your capabilities and means. It's always prudent to check your budget, the place, your schedule and your physical & mental condition. I, on the other hand, have wanted to publish a story on Wattpad so after this article, I would be working on that story. It wouldn't be published anytime soon though, as writing a short story or a novel is complicated than this.  

4. Visit your parents or your siblings. If you are on your own away from your family, maybe it's high time you pay your parents that long overdue visit. You would realize how much you miss them. Besides, your mom must be worried about you. Your dad must be waiting for his princess.

5. Visit a sick person; or listen to a distressed friend, or say some encouraging words to a sad person. A word of encouragement is very important to the person who needs it. They need encouragement as much as we do. As far as being encouraged, I tell you, I could really relate to it. In the first quarter of last year, at work, we were pretty much in turmoil. Despite everything that's going on, this one person approached me and all he had to say was, "Stay. Just remain calm. Everything would fall into place." It made me feel better.

6. Take a vacation. Go to the place you have never gone and drag your bff with you! That would make it special. You know you could do crazy things with your friend.

7. Stay at home and try that recipe you wanted to try. What's special about this? Share it to your neighbours. That's special. You wouldn't notice it but sharing food would start communication. A simple chat would help you get to know your neighbour more. Just make sure you are not sharing the burned part, you'll be fine.

8. Apologize to yourself. Forgive yourself. We are not perfect beings and we commit mistakes. As in many mistakes. At the least, we say sorry to the person we hurt, but do we forgive ourselves? Yesterday, we had a relaxation activity with our psychologist. We listened to a very soothing music (like the music for yoga) and followed a visual exercise. In the exercise, we faced the person we hurt and apologized to that person. The next part was to look at ourselves. We were asked to think of the things we've done to hurt ourselves, and asked for forgiveness. We forgave ourselves, and embraced ourselves. It is liberating to learn that forgiving ourselves would open the door to our happiness.
9. Send your loved ones overseas an e-greeting. I remember my brother abroad, working for his family he left here. If you have family overseas, a relative perhaps or long lost friend, why not send them an e-greeting? Facebook Messenger has so many stickers and emoticons to choose from plus a call feature. There's also Skype. All you need is to connect to the internet and you're set. Isn't it awesome? Last night, my sisters and I tried a different way to chat over Facebook. Instead of typing our messages with ready-made emoticons, we took wacky photos of ourselves mimicking those emoticons and sent it. Believe me the conversation was funnier. Try it! 

10. Try a new hobby such as painting or colouring. There are colouring-books out there designed for adults. This may sound boring but once you try it, you would be amazed to know that your creativity and patience is evoked. I bought one to see it for myself. You know, I was surprised to see that the drawings are not what you usually see. It's as if you are looking at a raw work of a painter and you're asked to paint it for him. It's a combination of mind game, visualization, creativity, patience and more patience. I don't think you would finish a page per day. If you do, that should give you the right to brag afterwards. The moral lesson for doing this thing: rediscovering ourselves. 



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Be blessed!


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