What Will You Do When the Power Goes Out?

Finding Worthy Things to Do

Just after our office noon break Thursday last week, the power suddenly went out. It was unexpected. Naturally, I heard loud collective gasps. So finding a thing or two to do, I did these, in this order I recall - played The Corrs music, munched on cookies and corns, read a pocketbook, wrote an article and prayed.

I congratulated myself, “Hey that was good! You found some better things to do than table-hopping and office gossiping.” 

Since the power is out, it was very dark except for the afternoon sunlight peeking through the windows. Somehow, that atmosphere made me reflect on the “dark times” of my life. So when I started to write, I realized how some similar “worthy” things revealed something about my life.  

The Wrong Things

When the power went out in my life  - meaning when I was in my lowest point in my life - such as my depression for a year after college graduation and the recent death of my close aunt due to colon cancer, I thought I was doing the “wrong” things again. You asked, “How?” Probably, you found the same or close to your experience…

  • Playing. We just brush off that problem by finding amusing things to do, something that will bring us to temporary amnesia – party all night, drink ‘til you drop, play loud music until your ears get pierced, runaway with “friends” for an out-of-town “vacation” or anything worse. It delays the solution to the problem.

  • Eating. Aha! Talk about depression eating. I did this at one point in time – it was no good at all. I was just lucky that at that time, my metabolism worked fine.

  • Reading. This is the metaphor for “assuming” things – never asking the questions all but assumptions. We conclude without inquiring. In the end, it hurt us the more. Worse, we got angrier.

  • Writing. This is similar to, again figuratively speaking, keeping things to yourself – your hurt, disappointment, sadness, anguish or anger. If you have nothing good to say, then keeping it to yourself is okay. Otherwise, piled up emotion is DANGEROUS.

  The Best Start

When events get awry, we find a solution – nothing is wrong with that. It’s logical for thinking humans to solve the problem. But sometimes, we can't help but make things complicated. Without us noticing it, we are hurting people around us, our loved ones, especially. If there was one thing, I learned in my sufferings to pray before thinking of any solution. So far, this is the best way to start when faced with difficulty.

I remember the story of Job. In the Old Testament, Lucifer tested Job to prove to GOD that without all his riches and children, Job will curse GOD and shun away from HIM. It turned out otherwise. Job, despite losing everything – his livestock, his possessions, and his children, remained faithful to GOD. He prayed and praised HIM.  
What do you do when the power goes out?        


  1. Unfortunately I turn to food too often when stress hits. I'm trying to change this habit and spend more time writing about my feelings instead.


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