Why Writers Won't Go Crazy

     I think I'll not go crazy. Why? Because amidst problems and difficulties, I have a good escape. And that's WRITING.  I write down my frustrations.  I write down my anger.  I write down my thoughts.  I write down my idea.  I just write. it. down.

    Back when I was still a little young girl, I often wonder about writing. I was attracted to writing. So I started my secret little diary and found the answer myself.  I simply found an ally. I could write anything and it wouldn't judge me. And then I found out that there's more.
     In writing, a writer creates his/her own universe. Well, not literally though. The limit is the imagination. The creativity is on the mind. The characters, the plots - they're many. In fact, they're endless. It cultivates the neurons in the head sending it sparking with ideas – wild ideas that anybody could not have thought. How do stories about vampires and wolves became almost a reality anyway? And how does the world of magic come to life?

     For someone like me, writing is also a form of therapy. Again, I say, a writer won't go bonkers. A writer, with the use of his/her writing prowess may “avenge” himself/herself from a tyrant boss. That boss could be in a tragic story or be the evil villain that ended up behind cold bars. Anything can be possible. Whatever is written, the certain emotion that goes with it – disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness or happiness; is transformed into a beautifully crafted story of love, romance, mystery or action. And in this way, the writer authors a good story and gets free, natural stress reliever at the same time. What do you say about hitting two birds with one stone cliché?

   Writing, in a way, is speaking. Without the audible voice but with that invisible megaphone. I call it the “talking wall” or “shouting in silence”. Unfortunately, sometimes for journalists, writing become a major reason of their untimely demise.  For they write opinion that speak volumes that shadows in the dark alley fear it but innocent men love it.

    Therefore, if there's anything I could share or suggest, exercise your speech by writing. And write when you ought to speak. Speak your mind. Write your mind. Responsibly. Write to remain sane.  It's one great gift from God that we can use


  1. :D Thank you, Tony! And thanks also for dropping by my blog site.

  2. Well, I guess I got terribly caught by the writing bug that I even got myself to enroll in a writing course in college hehe. Kidding aside, your views resonate. I definitely agree with you that writing is finding your voice. And I guess that's one reason why many people blog nowadays: they found a way to express themselves. Well, writing is a catharsis for me, so I write and I blog—regardless if there'd be other souls who will read my writing or none.

    Good luck, Joan! Kita-kits around ;-)

    Oh, and I hope you'll also allow dotcom bloggers like me to post our comments here at your blog using our own URL and not through our Google account hehe. It's much easier minsan kasi. Suggestion lang naman po :-)

  3. Thanks for reading and for your comment Nortehanon! ^_^ About your suggestion, I'll see what I can do.

    By the way, I checked out your site. What can I say? Your good at photography and you write well. ;)


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