How to Improve Good Work Habits Effectively

Eight (8) Important Tips to Break Bad Habits

Are you out-of-focus? Do you miss your deadline? Are you in trouble with your colleagues / co-workers because of gossip? It must be because of bad work habits. It must stop before it ruin everything.

These suggestions might help you break that, little by little. Read on.

I consider these suggestions as gems because they are worth keeping in mind. They are experiences of mine. I learned some of them from my mentors / bosses in my previous jobs, though. Here are Eight (8) ways that will help us improve work habits:

1.) ADMIT YOUR BAD HABITS. Admit that you need help. I will not expound much on this because I am sure that you understand this very well already. A solution to a problem starts with admission of guilt.

2.) KEEP YOUR PHONE / GADGET AWAY if you are working. Unless, of course, your work requires you to call more often or that you receive more call than any other employees in your company. I assume, though, that if you need to do much of incoming / outgoing calls, you have a company-issued phone. In that case, keep your personal phone / gadget away so that you'll only reach for it for emergency call (from you and for you).  

My phone is always in my bag and my bag is always in the drawer at my back. I'd hear it if somebody send me a message. Then that's the time I'll check it and know if it's emergency or not. A call usually means emergency.

3.) AVOID VINE NEWS / GOSSIP MONGERING but engage in healthy, helpful conversation at workplace.  I've been twice a victim of gossip news (or probably more than I know I just so happen not to know it). I know the feeling, believe me. Office gossip (or any gossip for that matter!) is NOT GOOD. But if you need "publicity" - be it good or bad - that's another story. And gossip mongers has no self-respect I believe.

4.) KEEP CLUTTERS AWAY. This includes not installing social media apps on your work computer; no unnecessary (that's the keyword) papers / documents on your table; no "little" trash such as candy wraps, tickets, cigarettes etc.. or things that are supposedly in the trash bin rather than on your working desk.

I've learned not to put the paper works on my table all at once. The ones that does not need my immediate attention I put on the separate table near me where I could easily reach in and pull out the document/s I need. This way, I focus more.

5.) STAY IN YOUR CUBICLE.  DON'T TABLE HOP for a 'chat'. Don't loiter around. Of course if you need to relax, go ahead. We need that to cope up with stress. But, if your work is done, find something else worthwhile to do. Table hopping sometimes, is where gossip news start.

6.) SOCIALIZE DURING BREAKS / AFTER WORKING HOURS. Since you are staying in your cubicle during work hours, you can socialize or chat with your co-workers during breaks or after work hours. Again, engage in healthy conversations. If you think the conversation is starting to lead somewhere (down the road?) else, try to manuever it to change the topic. If you are to talk about 'life', let it be your life or let them talk about their life (the ones you are in conversation with) not some third person's life. Just be careful in sharing your personal experiences (and secrets, too!). If they're your friends, you should be safe - I think. Otherwise, share experience that you feel most comfortable to share with.

7.) TARDINESS and ABSENTEEISM. Do everything you can not to be late or absent. Sleep early, get up early, leave early. Set your alarm clock. Ready all the things you will need in the morning before going to bed at night.  That way, you don't 'run after time' when you wake up. Easier said than done!? Yes, that's true!  I used the same old reason before. BUT there's no other way but to DO IT. Just do it until you're used to it. If you have 'lots to do' before retiring at night (or day!), then ASK SOME HELP!  Delegate.  Prioritize.  Trust.

And... before anything else, remember to PRAY. Based on my personal experience, praying before starting the day and the work, calms me down. I have my android phone loaded with inspirational music (it does not have a SIM for texting) that I play every single day when I get to the office. It helps me to calm down and set the mood for a short prayer.

If any of these suggestions do not suit you or do not work for you, talk or consult somebody you trust - a psychologist or a friend. For now, breath in and then start the change in your work habits by trying these tips.

Good luck!


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