A Song of Thanksgiving


It is said that there is a beginning and there is an end.  2013 is about to say goodbye while 2014 is about to say hello.  In anyway, no matter what, it is only appropriate to give our thanks and praises to the Great One Who is Eternal.  For a grateful person will remain his/her feet on the ground.

You might say I'm setting a tradition here in my blog.  Yes, I am.  That is, to post my last for 2013 in a form of poetic prayer.  This is a shared prayer of mine in light of what we experienced throughout the year - both the good and the bad.  I hope it wouldn't be too much if you join me and share this to your family and friends.

A Song of Thanksgiving

I am nobody but a lowly one
Never a great one, name is unimportant.
Nothing extraordinary, just a simple personality
A common personage, just like everybody.

Thanks be to God!
I have nothing to offer, but my life
Yet this life I live I own not.
I am left with none but to be grateful,
To lift up my hands to express my gratitude.

I am a sinner, not worthy to look up and say
My Lord and my God, my Father.
My lips are dirty, my soul is scarlet red
For huge is my transgression it covers me.

Thanks be to God!
He cleansed me; forgave my offense
Purified my lips, my head He held up high
Touched my hands, rinsed me of my uncleanness
So that I may be worthy to call ‘Abba, Father’.

Thanks be to God!
He cured my blindness so that I may see goodness
He made me speak so that I may sing praises
He healed my hearing so that I may listen well
He restored my health so that I may be a blessing

Thanks be to God!
Great is He for He heard His people
He listened to their cries and haste to their aid
He saved them from their adversity and rescue them
He ignored not their wail and regarded their call.

Though catastrophe strikes, He did not forget them
Them whose hope is Him, He assured them.
He did not want to fail their faith
But showed them the promise He gave Noah.
Thanks be to God!

Receive our thanks, our Father,
We are humbled of Your faithfulness.
May Your poor children’s gratefulness,
Be an acceptable and aromatic prayer.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
Blessed is He, Emmanuel!
Blessed is He Who reigns forever!
Blessed be, blessed be!

Have a grace-filled and peaceful 2014 to all of us!


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