Last Post: A Prayer

This is my last post for 2012.  Although this may be the last, I wanted this to be the good start; and I want to share this to everyone (who believe). Here it goes...

May the Year of Faith give us the Grace
to help us get through the daily ordeals.
May it bring us Joy, Peace and Blessings
that we may live in harmony forever.
May Hope never depart from us
that we be optimistic in this Life.
And may the Good Tidings bring us
to Bliss Eternal; 
never losing our Friendship with The One.

Have a blessed one everybody!

~*~ Joan ~*~


  1. May hope never depart me! and I need to be optimistic that 2013 will be my lucky year... :)

    Happy New Year Joan--kaka miss ang Pinas pag bagong taon! ingat ka sa paputok!!!

  2. mainam.. happy new year saio adre..


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