Seize the Day!

Last Friday, I was like "It's Friday again. felt like it was just Friday yesterday!" 

Time do really fly so fast! (How can I catch up with you?) Now, it's Monday again.  And it's October 1st!  One wouldn't really notice that it's been quite a while; that a lot of things around us have happened. 

Just right after my day's work, I just exclaimed like "What?! It's Friday today? I lost track of the days!". This whole month is the start of a really busy / hectic days in my department. At this time of year, clients starts to swarm to us to purchase early-bird items for their Christmas giveaways to avoid the stress of holiday rush shopping. And so, I was focused that I literally forgot it's the weekend. Imagine, I could have gone to work on Saturday - which is not a 'business' day to us - had I not heard my coworker expressed his happiness over another week of work that passed. LOL! That could have been VERY embarrassing  After these past two weeks, there will be 16 to 20 more very busy weeks for us. Tiring but challenging.

But in everything, I had to think of one word to be able to go through everyday's 'usual' life: enjoy. Savor it while it last, as the saying goes. It would just be a waste of time and effort if we don't enjoy. That would really be boring because we work (hard) as if we are robots - you know, going through routines. That would really suck if at the end of the day, there's nothing to learn about or reflect on. That would really be sad if after everything else, we are still unhappy. Aren't we such a loser if this would be the case? 

I've learned to enjoy things that I need to do - like work - to lighten up my mood. At work, there are many moments to perk up my day which I could treasure like simple jokes (sometimes corny jokes), laughable mishaps and naughtiness. I keep them in my memory bank so I have something to pull out in time of stress - and boring days. They are my 'stress ball'. We could start with just a word and the story would build up and then we'll go a long, long way. That includes funny 'debate' and side comments.  There could be unstoppable boisterous laughs and teasing and playing at the workplace.

I remember one 'quote' from one of the romance novels I have read (sorry, I forgot the title of the book). It said: "take life with both hands and live". I want to do this because I want to live this life with less regret. Live life as it comes and live to its fullness. Enjoy (our) single-blessedness.  

Carpe Diem!



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