No to Relationship Killer

One of the many important factors that will help keep any relationship growing healthy is trust. Without this, any sweet relationship will be sour which may turn bitter eventually.

More than a month ago, I was meaning to post this article. But for some reason, I lack the inspiration to write so it went to "stagnant" status. I saved the title - no text whatsoever, just title. I did not even plan on changing it. Ironically, I did not expect that one of my close friends (almost a family) would be the source of my "inspiration" because of her involvement in a "secret" that my family was keeping. 

"One factor that will keep any relationship 
growing healthy is trust."

The thing was, a lot of words have been said by both parties.  Some were hurtful, some were speculation, some were exaggerated and some were judgmental.  Both sides committed mistakes and has forgotten the fact that we are almost-family-kind-of-friends.  Whatever was done, the intention was never to hurt of course.  Although, admittedly, the manner the things were handled by both sides were inappropriate.  It was a relief that we did not part our ways.  We were able to patch things up and we are still friends.

In every relationship, trust is very vital. So I'm told...and learned. It's so necessary that the lack of it caused some relationships' tragic break ups (if not fight). 

To always keep that trust, communication line should always be open - as often as possible. Talk as much as you can and as possible as it can be. It does not only update you of each others' activities but also serves as your bonding time. Like respect, trust is earned. So being transparent in all your talks (and deeds) is a must. Doubt will spring up if one of the parties lie or keeps on lying. Who you think your friend is, as a person, plays an important role in building up the must-needed trust. All these combined together will hopefully help you to decide: trust, no trust or mistrust?

"Trust is necessary that the lack of it caused some tragic break ups".


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  2. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. :) Just joined your site.

  3. Hi ate joan. Just wondering, what if something happened for the second time? Will you still trust him/her just for the sake of the relationship?

  4. I might but it will be difficult and it may took quite some time. :-)

    Kumbaga napaso kaya nag-iingat lang sa susunod.


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