Fridalicious and New Weekends

Hello, everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  After quite some time of hiatus, here I am again exclaiming in my head "Yes, it's Fridalicious!"  What do you look forward to on Friday, or weekend?

Well, I'm not looking forward to going to a bar partying with friends sipping beer or dancing in loud music.  It's not just my cup of coffee.  Mine is all about catching up with my siblings, playing with my nephew, watching movies, catching up on my favorite TV series, reading novels and...sleeping like a log, longer than the usual. :(tv) tvI-) sleepy

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What's new with my usual weekend is my nephew. I'd say I'm always looking forward to going home to play with him and put him to sleep.  He's very cute, bouncy, bubbly, cuddly and drooling. :D   big grin  I guess my maternal instinct was awaken when we had him.  Taking care of him, even if it's just like for an hour, reminds me of how I took care of my younger siblings before. I sometimes tell them how they were like when they were my nephew's age.  

It is such a joy to really have a baby around. I know the cranky part of putting up with tantrums before going to sleep or not understanding what he want or feel (that he keeps on crying) or the part where he just fall asleep but after half an hour is awake again. You can't do what you need to do (or want to do).  But, they are outweighed and they vanished away whenever he'll burst into bout of shouts and laughter or will giggle at what I'm saying.  It takes away my stress every time he tries to crawl, look at me with eyes as big as owl while drooling.  The crazy part is that if you hold him up with his feet on the ground, he will jump endlessly as if he is on a trampoline! That's a free and easy way to exercise, I tell you. He responds to upbeat songs and tries to dance. And whenever he does that, we all give a hearty laugh because he bounces his head like a rock star.  I'm thinking that maybe, he will be fond of music, rock in particular, when he grows up.

Right now, I don't mind if I don't have post this past week. He is the reason why, but it's okay. The laughs, the exercise, the bond, are all good for me, my heart and for all of us.  :) happy


  1. I've been there. My life revolves around my nephew, he frequently calls me in the office even though he was only 2yrs.old, so whenever he's in our house I always bring pasalubong to him. I missed those days, he's all grown up now, in college but still he finds time to update me with his girl crush instead of his mom.

  2. Aw! That's sweet, Imee. :) He must have grown up closer to you than his mom or probably finds a "barkada" in you which gives him the confidence in confiding sweet little things about him or his crush.


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