Signs of Cellphone Addiction

Would you know if you are a cellphone addict? I have noticed these peculiar attitude of a person to his/her cellphone/gadget and thought that these can probably be an addiction.  Some may sound funny or weird.  And maybe, you know few of these personal observations of mine.
But before that, how many cellphone models you're holding? Or how often do you change model? Do you live the day without it?  There's nothing wrong with having a cellphone or gadget especially if it's really important that we have one.  But let's evaluate if more of our "valuable" time is being taken away from us because of the addiction.  We know that anything that is excessive is not good.  
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Although we don't have the exact number of people going through this, the symptoms are noticeable.  Below are the indicators of a person which I thought is suffering with cellphone addiction:

1. You look at your phone very often even if you don't have a new message received.

2. You always bring your cellphone with you no matter what. 

3. The only time you'll  take a break away from it are during shower time, pee time and poo poo time. Yes, you don't want it getting wet or accidentally discarded into the toilet bowl.

4. You get so worried if you left your cellphone at home or somewhere else that you are tempted to dial 117 (911). 

5. You set aside meal when texting.

6. Or you text while eating, watching movie, in a moving vehicle or even when partying.

7. You sleep with your phone on bed. 

8. You feel "naked" or "incomplete" if you don't have your cellphone/gadget with you. (Although, you may have this same "feeling" to other item that you are attached to or used to).

9. If you don't have any new message, you'll find a way to flood your friends with quotes however boring it may seem to get their attention. Hurray! Unlimited texting!

And lastly...

10. Your phone/gadget is "everything" to you. Of course it's a joke; or is it? :-)

These signs I am writing about can be included under the kind of addiction that psychologists call as "cellphone vibration syndrome".  This syndrome discusses the person's addiction to technology in a broader range (internet, smartphone, gadgets and other similar technologies) and its effect on the person's personal, work and social life.  They also suggested ways to avoid this.  Check it here if you need help.

Do you think you're an addict?  Do you have something to add on the above list?


  1. hindi na gaano sa kaso ko.. minsan, andami na palang text sa ilang araw na hindi ko pinansin yung telepono ko.. ewan ko.. basta hindi ako gaano attached dun.. hehehe

  2. Uy, good for you! :-) But were you really not that attached before? What did you do? (hope you don't mind my asking). :-D

    1. sa umpisa, pag bago ang telepono, babad lang para ayusin mga settings, etc.. pero afterwards, wala na.. hehe

  3. Hahaha! Sabik lang sa least hindi adik 'no? hehe...

  4. I know I am a cp adik LOL! That's the first thing I grab when I first wake up hehehehe


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