Single's Perks

Single people enjoy some "perks" some married couple may envy making them wish they're single again.  Sort of 'advantage' we might say.  Which one you enjoy the most?  Please read below.

1. Sleep tight the whole night.  Except for some unexpected disturbances from your 'friendly neighbor' or you being insomniac, you need not worry about waking up in the wee hour of the night to change diaper or do the milk formula or lullaby the baby back to sleep.  This does not apply to single parent, though; and single parent who can afford nanny. are the nanny.

2. Emergency Date.  So long as you have the money to spend, spontaneous group date, whether it's with your friends or your colleagues, is not an issue (unless you have any other important thing to prioritize).  You don't need to ask your bf/gf or your husband first about it.

3. Master of your own.  When deciding on some serious concern, you decide on your own. You don't need to argue with somebody.  You are responsible for yourself.  Though, you may seek your family or friend's opinion, the decision of the matter is in your own hands.  No better half or children to consider.  Although, this may not be the case to some single out there. 

4. You budget your own budget. There are lucky singles that keep their own earnings and budget it for their own self.  No other expenses on their list that seems permanent like: children's essentials, tuition fee, school bus fee, school supplies, etc... Phone bill, electric bill, water bill, house rent, food and medicine and supplements are expenses you solely incur which are minimal compared to family.

5. The liberty of time.  You can go home early or late.  You can sleep over your friend's or cousin's place anytime as long as you're allowed to.  You can do anything you want with your free time - paint, draw, sing, learn new things or sports, blog, open new venture, watch movie, travel -whatever is within your resources and opportunity.

While we singles enjoy things like the abovementioned, we have responsibility, too. Even if we have the freedom married couple don't have, we also have some burden at some point, for the sake of our family.

Whichever our status is, enjoy it to the fullest possible. Either married or single, there's an opportunity to grow and be happy.

Enjoy your single-blessedness!!!

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  1. iba nga lang sa kaso ko.. mas magulo ako buhay nung single ako.. buti na lang married na ako.. hehehe

  2. Hehe. Ganoon ba? Mabuti nga if married ka na. Talagang lumagay ka pala sa tahimik. :-)

  3. You are so right JoanRB, we should do our best to enjoy our life, no matter what circumstance we are in, married or single, especially if you are in good health, as you never know what could happen tomorrow. Nice Post.

  4. Thank you, Rum! Thanks for dropping by again.


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