Forgive and Forget?

There. Somebody just pushed you to your limit. All of a sudden, you turn red in anger. You blew up. After a while, the culprit apologized to you. Will you forgive and forget?

You might be going through a bad relationship right now and you and your bf/spouse exchanged words neither of you can take back.  Or a friend of yours disappointed you or stabbed you at the back you felt bad about yourself.   Or the person you trusted the most just betrayed you. Because of this, you think you can't trust anybody anymore.  You are hurt - very badly.

As frail as we are, realizing our mistake, we ask for forgiveness; they who hurt us ask for our mercy. We forgive, they forgive. But should we forget? What are we going to forget? How far are we going to forgive?

I've had few big hurtful events in my life I dare not jot them down in details.  I've forgiven people who have hurt me. I've forgiven myself. I did not forget the mistake, though. I am remembering the experience, the lesson, to help me avoid repeating the same mistake - of being hurt again. It's just there somewhere in my subconscious ready to be pulled out in case needed, like a reference book. 

So, does anger or hurt I felt before surfaces again? No, it does not. I have the memory of the experience but the emotion is gone.

Forgive and forget? Well, yes. Forget the anger, forget the hurt. Forgive the one who caused your pain. Forgive yourself. 

Will you forgive and forget? Or forgive and keep?


  1. i always try to forgive and forget.. both.. tapos, magkalimutan na rin.. hahaha

  2. Hahaha...talagang tuluy-tuloy na limot na...:-D Matanong ko lang, ibig ba sabihin ng sinabi mo e nakasalalay sa "hindi niyo pagkikita" ang forgiveness mo? Just asking...

  3. I always happy to forgive, but like yourself I'm not prepared to forget as it keeps me out of hot water. The experience of such hurtful things can give you more strength in the long run. Nice Post.

  4. Thank you, Rum.

    Yes, the hurtful experiences we go through really helps us to be strong, stronger.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.


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