When it rains, it pours!


This popular adage – “when it rains, it pours” - is true.  In my case, it’s not rain of either glitches or stroke of bad luck; but its words that hits my wits -a blessing.  Just last two weeks ago, Thursday (29th), I was able to compose 1 long poem, 1 quote, 1 story and this one which I just revised yesterday.  All in one day, I dashed them off continuously on sheets of paper.  This “pouring” I had that day, the same I’d been waiting for quite some time since my head seems locked up and words wouldn’t spurt.  I think it’s called “writer’s block”.  And I had it for more than a month – more or less.  (Please give me this awesome feeling of being called a writer). LOL!
Going back to the days I was mentally confined to nothingness, I still did what I usually do.  I go to work, I sleep, I watch TV programs and movies, I read my romance novels, I eat, etc… Aside from doing these, I did a lot of “brain squeezing”, looking at practically anything that will be an inspiration to write a poem or story.  But, the optimism seemed not enough for me to come up with something to inscribe I ended up doodling lines. :D  It was futile.

In some sort of way, my illness helped because words suddenly rushed in – like wham!  It was this time I jot down my reflection about my recent vacation, about my sickness itself and about the wealth I dug up from bed confinement.  In a time like this when I have the sudden gust of thoughts like water released from the dam, I get restless.  I have to put pen to paper right away.  Otherwise, if I postpone writing, I will experience either one or both of these two: (1) give myself a pounding headache and don’t get to sleep; (2) forget them only to remember a part after a week, worse a month.  I’m just thankful now that I wrote this down! LOL!

I write when words starts bugging me. :D  And when they kicked in, the notebook I always have with me really comes in handy.  Okay, gotta grab my notebook as there's something I need to note down!  Catch you later! ;)



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