Hello, Goodbye!

Back in college during my on-the-job training, inspired by my immediate supervisor who was Tom Cruise look alike, I gleefully composed this "romantic" poem on one of the sheets of my binder.  I remember how I'd carefully pen the words and handled it delicately it is still living to this day.  I made some few modifications though.  Please read below.

On my bed, I had countless sleepless nights
just imagining the thoughts of you.
I daydreamed of you numerous times
daydreaming was I caught, many times, too.

What have you?  What spell did you cast on me?
Am I charmed by the beauty of your psyche?
Enamored with your persona, perhaps gone nutty?

To think of you is useless, they say;
and I agreed, too.
I'll get hurt, it's true
but I can't get over you.
My mind is not off you.

I can see you anywhere
Your name is written everywhere.
Like it's a sweet torture every night
Like it's inexorable battle everyday.

My voice quivering.
My heart stumping.
My hands trembling.
My knees shaking.

I ought to escape this fantasy
for it's not viable that you'll yearn for me.
A serious man, a devilish beauty
you'll neither glance nor give me a damn.

What excitement just to see you!
What happiness just to hear you!
Yet, I say 'hello' and 'goodbye' to you
for I know that not for long this must be through.

For the memories you unknowingly share, thank you.
For your kindness, for your truthful smile, bless you.
But I still hope that we could be me and you,
at least friends, ever so true.

When my friend Anne read this poem, she gave me a very hearty laugh.  She really did laugh out loud unbelievably while admiring it (and me) at the same time.  Well, that's the power of "love". :D



  1. Oh this reminds me of a Dutch song about a boy standing at the bar looking at the girl he loves. My quick translation doesn't do it much justice, but here is a part of it.

    "I doubt you saw me looking
    I was that boy with that indefinite look
    Who wanted to seem relaxed,
    not too innocent and definitely not fat."

    "I danced with you in secret,
    I hope that you enjoyed it."

    "I danced without moving,
    with an ease one rarely sees.
    Maybe we'll meet tomorrow,
    maybe better if not. "

    "I danced with you in secret,
    I hope that you enjoyed it."

    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing that Our Penguin In Havana! I hope I can hear that song...loving a person from a distance. :D Nice one!

    2. Well the song is in Dutch and already a few decades old, but it's still popular among students because it's easy to sing (and drink) along with:


      But to be honest, I would be surprised if it would appeal to anyone who doesn't speak Dutch.

      (Just in case you do know Dutch: Why didn't you learn an useful language instead?)

  2. WOW! You really did provide the link! LOL! Thanks. We'll since I can't understand Dutch, I'll just listen to the melody. :D


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