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Hello, Goodbye!

Back in college during my on-the-job training, inspired by my immediate supervisor who was Tom Cruise look alike, I gleefully composed this "romantic" poem on one of the sheets of my binder.  I remember how I'd carefully pen the words and handled it delicately it is still living to this day.  I made some few modifications though.  Please read below.

On my bed, I had countless sleepless nights
just imagining the thoughts of you.
I daydreamed of you numerous times
daydreaming was I caught, many times, too.

What have you?  What spell did you cast on me?
Am I charmed by the beauty of your psyche?
Enamored with your persona, perhaps gone nutty?

When it rains, it pours!


This popular adage – “when it rains, it pours” - is true.  In my case, it’s not rain of either glitches or stroke of bad luck; but its words that hits my wits -a blessing.  Just last two weeks ago, Thursday (29th), I was able to compose 1 long poem, 1 quote, 1 story and this one which I just revised yesterday.  All in one day, I dashed them off continuously on sheets of paper.  This “pouring” I had that day, the same I’d been waiting for quite some time since my head seems locked up and words wouldn’t spurt.  I think it’s called “writer’s block”.  And I had it for more than a month – more or less.  (Please give me this awesome feeling of being called a writer). LOL!