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(A reflection on my recent travel to W. Samar)

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At first, I thought the trip I took (bus ride of 20 to 22 hours) to W. Samar was going to be very boring and tiring.  Until something caught my eye and eventually my attention.  I never thought this simple travel can be very educational.  :)

Hope of the Young

After an hour since we left the provincial bus terminal, and trying to silently figure out how I will spend the long hours, I saw this quote: “Ang magulang ang pag-asa ng kabataan”, which is "The parents are the hope of the young" when translated to English.  It was carelessly painted at the rear body of a truck.  For a while, it made me pause… and think.  I think it made sense.  I realized that before the youth can become the hope of the nation, they’ll borrow and learn it from their parents first.  Then it made me think of my own parents…how they are imperfect yet perfect for me.  How I hope in them...Aww! :D
The Young Giving Back

During the long travel, I noticed that two (2) of the passengers – an old lady who can barely stand was with her son, a man in his 35's I guess.  He was taking care of his old, sickly mother so that she’d sit comfortably, with jacket and blanket on, with foods and water served every time.  He made sure of these.  And in my observation, I think the hardest part that the son had to endure was the times that he had to bring his mom to rest room during stops.  He had to almost carry his mother from the bus to the ladies room and back.  Yet, he was so patient.  He never snapped (when I snapped one time at my mom during the travel, shame on me!)  Aww!  :D


There were still other things that made me reflect, to see how I’ve been, if I am still living life and enjoying it.  But these two incidents are what got stuck in my mind.  Up to this time, I’m still thinking about it.  Well, it’s good.  I get to reflect.  I get to evaluate myself.  I get motivated so I do better next time.  What a coincidence that it happened a week before Ash Wednesday! ;)

It’s better to be a traveler than to be a tourist.  The first one learns and mingles, while the latter looks for beautiful spots.  Both are beneficial to tourism and transportation, though.  As an adaption to the recent Philippine Tourism’s line, “It’s more fun to travel!” :D

Got something similar to share? 

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