A Whisper to The Star


(A tribute to Sendong victims)

I look up at the clear, blue sky
And saw a star like it's looking down on me.
As it twinkles, I thought it smiled at me
Shining, shimmering it hangs up on high.

Days before, the clouds covered the star
Wind started to blow, rain began to pour.
It was little at first but water grew high
It washed away all life, far and nigh.

So saddening, so heartbreaking.
Cries turn to mourn; mourn to wailing
Suffering, suffering, pain everywhere
Biting, back slashing, fighting somewhere.

When the sun starts to shine
I see nothing but devastation, a wasteland.
Mothers look for their babies, fathers look under rubble
Children wail in sorrow of their lost.

And then a helping hand reached out to me
Warm hug from this gentle arms
Soothing the inner turmoil in me
From aid to charity, my brother's love.

I looked up into the sky once again
I saw not the star but the sun
Permeating the wet, muddy ground
A bright new day, a promise of hope.

I believe the Star is just somewhere
So I gather my strength and thoughts
I whisper my prayer and my thanks
I mumble my pain and give it all to Him.

JoanRB © 2011


  1. Hey, I like your poetry, its soothing and honest and talks about emotions. That's when poetry is at its zenith I believe. I've lived in the Philippines so I know the devastation natural disasters can cause. Again, its a beauty, keep it up. I'll make sure to take a peak whenever I can.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for liking it. :)


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