Seven Ways on How to Stay Positive

Do you want to be a positive thinker?  

I have posted the test that will help you determine if you are an optimist or a pessimist. This time, several friends of mine have helped me come up with a list of what a person may do to be positive most of the time. I hope this post will benefit you in any way it can.

I asked my friends the things they commonly do to stay positive. The suggestions below are the summary of their answers. I also included my personal practice and my observation of other positive people's practice.

  • Belief and hope in God.  Some of my friends who answered this trusts that faith and hope in God helps them to look beyond what is happening. By trusting in Him, all else will be bright even if the surrounding is not. 

  • Count your Blessings.  This also means being thankful when counting the blessings. It's good to know that we also learn to see that everything that's happening, good or bad, there's always a blessing. As I mentioned in my previous post, good things are blessings while bad things are blessings in disguise. Furthermore, people who count their blessings realizes that they are rich. 

  • Think of the Good Times.  Yes we all experience bad times, and at a different level at that. We learn from them. But to keep our sanity (yes, you heard it right. LOL!) and be inspired, cherishing the good and happy moments of our lives builds our courage to keep going. 

  • Think and Speak Positive.  My current and former employers; my mentor during my OJT; and a friend of my mother I call Dad (who have helped me at some time, God bless his soul) all speak positive. It's like there's no room for "I don't know" when asking for an update about a certain project (if you don't have update yet, you should answer "I will check and will get back with you").  They're the persons who asked me "If others CAN do it, why can't you?" They inspire, encourage and uplift spirit. They criticize constructively. And they seldom repeat negative statements. Remember:  Whatever we say does not only tell what we think about others but also reflects who we are and how we think about ourselves. Follow the S.A.A.D. formula (by Dr. Amit Abraham): Simple, Active, Affirmative and Declarative.

  • Bond with Positive People.  If you think that you get discouraged so easily, then it will be good to bond with positive people the more. If you're a positive person through and through, bonding with other optimists will reinforce your attitude. Once you go out with pessimists, you'll not easily be dispirited.

  • Encourage Yourself!  If there's no one to cheer you up, then encourage yourself. I had to do this several times, mind you.

  • Smile, Laugh.  This one I had to learn late of my high school life. Sometimes, it's good to laugh at ourselves, too! 

Do you have additional suggestions?


  1. Nice post Joan:) I want to add something- Find a purpose in life that keeps you motivated and brings you joy:)


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