Etiquette / Manners – one of the keys in building relationship?


Remember your Good Manners & Right Conduct (GMRC) subject in elementary?

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The other day, July 1st, I read a “weird news” on The Telegraph about an email from an allegedly mom-zilla.  According to the news, in just a few hours, this email reached half of the western world already.  What’s the email all about?  It’s about incoming daughter-in-law’s "improper etiquette" when she visited her future mother-in-law in London.  The email was from the mother-in-law but the target of the email – the daughter-in-law, sent it to her few friends which in turn sent it to some friends until unknown friends sent it to somebody and then now it reached the eastern part of the globe. 

If you have read it (before continuing reading this post), you may agree with the mother-in-law or you may sympathize with the daughter-in-law.  Either way, there are simple truths that I learned upon reading the article.  Here are the few I noticed:

From: Mrs. Goode Manners
1.) Wherever part of the globe we are, there are some social etiquettes or angkop na gawi or pakikisama (kagandahang-asal) that we have to remember always.  And that it’s very important to get the respect of the other party.     
2.) I noticed that whether it’s the West or the East, some etiquette/manners is similar i.e.
a.   Making sure the guest is properly received/proper reception of guest
b.      Greeting the host before proceeding/proper way of greeting
c.  Eating without complaining (even if you don’t like the food?)/proper way of eating and the use of utensils
d.     Waking up as early as the norm of the house you’re in
e.   Speaking up when spoken to or say something in jest if you’re close to them already (otherwise that may be construed as insult or you’re adelantada [Eng.: presumptuous])  Feeling close? Haha
3.)   Even if the East and the West have some similar etiquette, the degree varies, though.  Again, if you have read the letter of the mother-in-law, you might say that western hospitality is different to eastern hospitality and more so with Filipino hospitality.  A little too strict for guest, you might think.
4.)  In-laws are sometimes hard to please and building a good relationship with them may take its toll on us.  Do you have “Jurassic” in-laws?  LOL!
5.) Social class or social status has something to do with practicing proper etiquette sometimes.  I think, I just think, the middle class and down are less pretentious than those who are in A or B or the Royal Family.  Probably because there’s not much “numbered protocol” to remember.  LOL!

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So, etiquette / manners are two of the keys in building relationship.  Using this incident as an example, it really pays to practice good manners and right conduct. 

Okay, you haven’t read the email I’m talking about?  This is the link to see for yourself the “you lack of manners” letter to daughter-in-law.  Tell me what you think.  Share the etiquette or manners that your parents remind you to always remember and do.  Do you find some etiquette to be hollow or hilarious?



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