Count your Blessings


And stay positive!

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     In my Single Blessedness 101 post, one of the things I mentioned I do to enjoy my status as single is to count my blessings.  Yep, that's right! =)

     Most of the time, it's easier to spot the disgrace, the mistake, the wrong.  Is it just natural for human?  Maybe.  If we were to be shown with a clean, white paper with a dark dot in the middle of it, what will we see?  Back in elementary, in our Values Education/Formation subject, when I was in 3rd grade (I think, hehe..sorry sign of aging), all of us answered one: the dot.  The same trick was used when I was in high school, still in Values Education subject.  Good thing we improved because some of us answered "dot" while some answered "bond paper with dot".  See?  It's easy to be negative than to be positive.  It's easy to complain than to obey (yes, I'm guilty haha).  It's easy to see the dark side than to see the negative side.  

     It was in the later year in high school life that I practiced looking at the brighter side; to be a positive thinker.  It did help me. ^_^

     I learned that being positive most of the time calms me down, helps me find a solution and move on.  (You don't ignore the negative; you just stay on the positive after realizing the negative side).

     Does that mean I'm hopeful of getting hitched in the future?  Yes! =)  I am also positive that whether I get romantically involved or stay single my whole life, I will be happy.  Because, I chose to be happy and I have my family with me.  So, I count my blessings.  With that, I stay positive. ;) 



  1. Hi Joan,

    Yeah, you are right about that. My version of that example of yours is the white cross with the black background. People tend to look for the ugly they don't see the beauty no matter how small or big it may be. It's just sad to say that it's the reality.



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